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Here are the materials that you will need:IronFlat surface to iron on (ironing board)Sewing machine2 bobbins (1 for each color of thread)Matching threads for your fabrics (2)Foreground fabric (at least 6″x14″)Background fabric (at least 6″x 14″)T shirt of your choiceWonder Under or Heat N’ Bond (must be sew able)Greek letter stencils (1 set for foreground and 1 set for background)ScissorsCutting BoardSewing needlePencilRulerExacto Knife (optional)Step 2: Iron Your FabricsBefore starting your project, make sure to iron both of your fabrics and your t shirt. Use the cotton, no steam setting. If any of your materials are synthetic, lower the temp or place a cloth over the delicate fabric while ironing.

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