Вы зашли на English Test

1) They_____at home.
2) How old_____?
3) ____is John? At school.
4) Peter____got a younger sister.
5) We live in Spain. ____house is in Madrid.
6) She never_____to bed late at night.
7) They____TV now.
8) Don’t buy____milk. We have got two cartons.
9) The blue dress is_____than the red one.
10) Would you like_____milk?
11) ____you tried any local dishes?
12) Paul_____dinner last night.
13) You_____make any noise after 11 p.m.
14) I_____dinner when the phone rang.
15) I_____be a scientist when I’m older.
16) They_____their trip a week ago.
17) Robert_____me that Janet was sleeping.
18) That’s the cake_____Ann made by herself.
19) Elephants are_____than rhinos.
20) John asked Claire where their children_____.
21) He_____letters since 9 a.m.
22) She didn’t come yesterday. She_____work late.
23) This suit is____expensive for me to buy.
24) As a child, he____watch cartoons.
25) They had a party, ____?
26) The concert _____at 9 o’clock.
27) I’m thinking_____going to the festival next week.
28) You must give____smoking.
29) Who’s that player who____interviewed right away.
30) If it stops snowing, we____for a walk.
31) They were tired, when they came home .They____all morning.
32) When he reached 65 he____from work.
33) He____to Malta next month.
34) She would have been late for class if she_____immediately.
35) Twenty people came to the party, three of____I’ve known since childhood.
36) My flat ____ into last night while I was working in the garage.
37) John____his car serviced last month.
38) Tom____going for a picnic.
39) If he____the report on time, he wouldn’t have to do overtime.
40) Tony and Jim both entered the competition, but_____of them were successful.
41) He is a very bossy man. He’s always_____the other people what to do.
42) I feel ashamed ____ my behaviour so please forgive me.
43) I get a free three-course dinner every evening ! It’s one of the____of being a waiter .
44) My friend had to____because he wasn’t satisfied with his salary.
45) When we arrived ___ New York, the weather was wonderful.
46) It’s worth _____ this film because it’s amazing. I would watch it one more time.
47) He can’t cope ____ this difficult situation. We should help him.
48) I wish I _____ go abroad with my family.
49) We can’t afford_____on holidays this summer.
50) He was very disappointed when he was told that he had _____ the course.

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