A successful vote would be Liberia's first democratic transfer | Европейский языковой центр "Совершенство"

A successful vote would be Liberia’s first democratic transfer

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wholesale nfl jerseys MONROVIA, Nov 6 (Reuters) Liberia’s Supreme Court on Monday put a presidential run off on hold until the electoral commission can investigate claims of irregularities and alleged fraud in last month’s first round of voting.Former footballer George Weah was initially set to face Vice President Joseph Boakai on Tuesday to determine who will replace Nobel Peace Prize laureate Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. A successful vote would be Liberia’s first democratic transfer of power in over 70 years.But preparations for the second round were halted last week when the Supreme Court announced it was examining a complaint by the Liberty Party of third placed candidate Charles Brumskine.The Supreme Court’s order for a full investigation into the allegations could push back the run off date by weeks or even result in a re run of the first round.»The NEC (National Elections Commission) is stopped and prohibited from conducting the run off election until the complaint filed by the petitioners is investigated by the NEC,» the Supreme Court ruling said.Addressing the Supreme Court last week, Brumskine cited «gross irregularities» in the first round and accused NEC officials of fraud.The NEC has denied wrongdoing and said the election was largely fair. International observers say they saw no major problems with the vote.But a growing chorus of parties have expressed doubt about the vote, including Boakai’s ruling Unity Party, which last week accused Johnson Sirleaf, one of its own members, of trying to influence the vote. wholesale nfl jerseys

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